I've been on a long hiatus

I have really neglected my blog this time, haven't I? It has been an adventure in these past 6 months of hiatus. 
From London to Amsterdam to Dublin to Cork to Schull to running away from evil French cafe owners to Dublin to Galway back to Dublin and finally resting in Lahinch, Co Clare then back home to Arizona, USA, add in a small road trip to Las Vegas and a 2 month long road trip in Northern California. WHEW (not mentioning the small road trip to southern California I took after Christmas).
You would think after all this travel that I would be ready to settle down at home already but NOPE, I have already got my hands tied inside of another dream adventure to Thailand and Bali. How can I make this work?!
Ps. I added an instagram widget. This is the best possible way to track me because I haven't been the most loyal blogger.. but I am working on it!  ->
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