How much in the bank?

The second most important thing after buying the plane ticket is the amount of money you take with you. 
So how much money am I bringing with me? 
~$1,500 for 3 months after all transportation is purchased
. (buses, ferries, inter-Europe flights)

View from atop London Eye and Lunch near the Tower Bridge

The money you bring after all transportation is covered is completely up to your feels. Do you feel like going shopping, seeing tons of concerts, visiting many attractions and drinking the good stuff? Then the more money the better.
-If I traveled with no intention of eating out, going to pubs, going on the London Eye, hiring bikes and taking boat rides down the canals in Amsterdam, etc, the bare minimum I would take would be NO LESS than around $175 per month personally. BECAUSE some days I wake up and really need a coffee to function or need to run away and take a bus to the beach. If you never went out at all, wanted to live the eco-organic farm life, then I am sure you could get off for much cheaper. 
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