Should I stay or should I go?

I haven't met a single person whose dream didn't involve packing up their clothes and getting the hell out of town. I speak for myself and possibly a thousand others when I say this offer is 100% appealing:

London, United Kingdom 2012

They say "follow your dreams", I say "with what money." 
That is the problem, I'm young and to be honest, my dad still pays for my phone bill. I don't have a bottomless bank account or a trust fund from the rich side of the family. I have my paychecks from working at part-time job at a frozen yogurt shop and that is about it. So how do you chase after your dreams when money is the biggest factor and you well... don't have it? 

Loop holes! 

I researched hours before I found many loop holes around the traditional way of travel. This blog is where I will share all of them with you because keeping them to myself seems a little selfish. 

If you are stuck on whether traveling is the right thing for you, please read this beautiful story, shared by, which inspired me to go. 

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