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So it has been a few days since I posted last. I hit it off with a bang and then kind of forgot pushed aside my blog for awhile because I have been very busy! My birthday was the 13th, I got a tattoo ouch on the 15th, my boss is going out of town for 10 days, meaning I am the new gelato master and had to perfect my skills the past couple of days, so it has been a bit hectic lately, not to mention I leave for my 3 month backpacking trip in 12 days! 
People lie when they say tattoos don't hurt *FYI* Thank you Kay! :)
Anyways, I wanted to write about backpacks and if it is really necessary to have one when.. well backpacking. The answer is no, well maybe. It all depends on the trip. If you are going to camp like cavemen and sleep in tents then YES. If you are helpxing, where you will stay at a location from 2 weeks - 3+ months, then no.
My sister and I's luggage.
I will be bringing a laptop backpack and a carry on roller suitcase and my sister will have a medium sized roller suitcase as well. The rollers don't do damage on your back like the backpacking-backpacks do and you don't have to shove everything down into it. Easy! We may not look like real backpackers but i'll let my experiences do the talking not my luggage! This is a judgement free zone people! 
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