Cheapo Transportation

The plane ticket over to Europe has to be one of the 
most expensive things about my whole travel itinerary. 
In 2012, I flew from Phoenix, AZ, USA to Dublin, Ireland 
for around $804 USD in September.
This year I will be flying from Phoenix, AZ, USA to Dublin, Ireland 
for around $944 USD in June
If I really looked hard enough I could find better deals but these are STILL going to look incredibly cheap next to the price of the same flight from websites like Expedia and Travelocity. 

What do I use? 
You won't find cheaper airfare then on Hipmunk. I've compared Hipmunk to other airfare listers such as Expedia and Travelocity, Hipmunk has always been the cheapest.

How can I find the cheapest days to purchase my ticket? 
Matrix Airfare Search
It is what the travel agents use. 

Other important tips: 
- Fly out midweek (cheaper than flying Friday when everyone else wants to)
- Buy tickets on Tuesday (when new deals are released)
- Allow your dates to be flexible (it could be $1200 on the 25th but $850 the 27th)

Cheap budget airlines: 
Ryanair (Europe)
Easyjet (Europe)
Allegiant Air (USA)  Have a cheap flight from Phoenix to Honolulu, Hawaii for around $300 round-trip (even next day)

Ryanair the Ikea of Airlines? Spain 2012

ALSO one of my favorite websites for traveling cheaply excluding flights is Seat 61 *Highly recommend*

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