London Update!

So I don't think I could be neglecting my blog as much as I am right now. It is really difficult to keep up with a blog while traveling because in pure honesty, I rather be exploring than sitting on my computer. That's fair right? BUT I'll write a short post about my time here in London! 
So after our very LONG 26+ journey to London from Arizona, USA we had finally made it. 
We knocked on the door of the perfectly located Hampstead Heath, London home to Dan and Judy our helpx hosts! This has been the best helpx location so far let me tell you! My sister and I click with Dan and Judy so perfectly! They are so kind and their beautiful, small and cozy home is located just down the street from the PICARESQUE Hampstead Heath. True countryside in the middle the one of the worlds largest cities. We can also hop on a single bus and be in busy Piccadilly square quite quickly. (such a score!) On top of the two being just lovely, they are always spoiling us with chocolate, Ben & Jerrys and Toblerone while encouraging us to go out pub hopping in Camden, innocently of course! They encourage having fun! Sadly, we leave for Amsterdam tomorrow via ferry. We will miss Judy & Dan very much. They have welcomed us back already thankfully! :)

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