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Hi Y'all!
So I have had this gradual realization about my expectations and how they play the biggest role in discovering happiness both in life and in travel. So please for the sake of yourself and my blog listen to me now: 

I want you to imagine yourself looking out an airplane window. 


You are headed on your dream vacation. Lets say it is on an island.


Imagine your perfect day on this island. 
Maybe a Mai-tai. Maybe a piña colada. Virgin if you're pure.
How would your perfect day play out? 
Think about this for a second. 
What is your perfect vacation? 


Now erase everything you just dreamt of because that is not how it will happen.
Brutal, I know, but the chances of it laying out that way are extremely low.

This is what I want you to do:

Go with no expectation..
or perhaps go expecting the worst. 

 Seriously. Imagine that you will do nothing more exciting than sitting in your hotel room. 
Now when I say this I hope you don't actually go and sit in your hotel room. Do make a small list of the most important things that you must do but allow your schedule to be flexible. Allow time for opportunities to take place. I strongly believe things happen the way they do for purpose. For a  lesson and an opening door.


My favorite proverb in this entire world.


My biggest advice for both life and traveling is:

Never set expectations. 

Open yourself up to flexibility. 
If you get a nudge to go a specific way or to get on a specific train, do it. 
Beautiful things happen.. some might even call it magic :) 
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