Low cost volunteering program.. finally!

So in my last post I talked of travel dreams and how it is often limited by us being well.. students or non-students with about $5 in our bank accounts. In this post I will talk about the major loophole I found in the travel world which allowed me to travel for months at a time (hell yes!) with about $300 USD/month for spending money. 
*No I am not paid by companies to promote their product. (Pssh I wish!) This is 100% me posting about things I love.* 

The Program:
What it is: Volunteering program where a few hours of your work a day is exchanged for accommodations and in most cases, food. *4-5 hours/ 5 days a week.

How much: 20 EUR ($25 USD)/ 2 years

How does it work: 
  1. Pay the flat fee (Gives you access to email hosts and read reviews)
  2. Create a catchy profile (Make yours stand out. Don't induce yawning!) 
  3. UPLOAD A HAPPY PICTURE OF YOURSELF (Who wants a grumpy complainer?)
  4. Pick a country
  5. Find a host that interests you and message them (Hosts receive many messages from other helpers. Personalize each one of your messages. Don't think sending the same message to 5+ hosts is going to get you somewhere. Hosts can tell. They want someone who is interested in their particular offer, not someone who is desperate to get in ANYWHERE **sketchy**)
  6. Wait for a reply! If they don't get back to you right away, don't fret. Give it a week before messaging them again. 

Helpxers at Spain Hostel 2012
How can I trust that it is safe: 
For 1. I went alone when I was 18. A young female traveling alone.. can we say in unison, sex trafficking! Have you seen the movie Taken? Seems extremely dangerous, I know but here I am. Not dead, not even a scratch. 

2. Hosts have reviews left by other helpxers, if you are really worried, stick with the hosts that have many good reviews. Also, their addresses are on the top left corner (most times), plug that into Google Maps and explore the area, make sure you are happy with it!)

Possible? YES. 
A little different? YES. 
Are you completely insane? Yeah. But that is what makes life exciting!

Similar site: 
Newer- therefore it looks prettier but there isn't as many hosts and to be honest, I have never gotten a positive message saying the position is available.. annoying. But check it out if you're feeling it! You may have better luck with replies!

Individual account: 22 EUR ( $29 USD)
Joint account: 29 EUR ($38 USD) 
*another perk of Helpx.net is that you don't have to pay for a couple account where you do with Workaway and YES, somehow Workaway will eventually figure out if you are applying as 2 or more people and make your profile invisible. You can't sneak with this company! Tried, tested, and true by both a fellow travel partner and I. ) 

DO NOT PAY $4000+ TO VOLUNTEER IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. ISN'T THAT COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY TO THE WORD VOLUNTEER? "Hey, you are going to give us money for working for us, alright?!"  
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